Ulrikes Dream

Album: Van 9 tot 5 (2011)

Song: You walk in line

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Ulrikes Dream is an anarchist metalpunkband from Leuven, Belgium. Originating from the local squatscene, the band has been playing heavy and political tunes since 1998.
Their sound is tight and influenced by both punk and metal bands. Lyrics are about social topics like racism, work, squatting, human rights and animal rights.


* The "Van 9 tot 5" full cd/lp (2010/2011)
* The "Hitters and Runners" 4-way split with Repression O.D., The End of Ernie and Intestinal Disease
* The "If it leads ... it bleeds" 7inch ep
* the demotape "Burn Burn Burn... the European Swastika" (1998)


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